Setting up the Oculus Rift in the classroom

Today we set up the Oculus Rifts with their controller tracking system at Callaghan College (Wallsend Campus).  The three Rifts were set up in a small room attached to the main classroom. Chris (pictured below) took the lead in setting up the equipment with two Rifts set up with the trackers on desks, and the other having its trackers mounted on the wall. Chris is a Future Learning Coordinator at Callaghan College, a geography teacher and a co-researcher on the VR School project. Some students and staff tried out the equipment with great success.


2 thoughts on “Setting up the Oculus Rift in the classroom

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  1. Most of my students are under 13 and cannot use the Oculus. Is there a way to set up the Oculus where the teacher is using it or another adult and the students view on a monitor with sound? Thanks


    1. Hi Jurlene, you could mirror your computer screen to a projector screen in the class. Google this for instructions. The new Oculus Quest also has the ability to cast to other devices.


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