Since 2016, the VR School Study has been exploring the use of immersive virtual reality (iVR) in real classrooms. We are focused on how iVR can be used to enhance learning, its relationship to curriculum, and its implications for pedagogy. And, we examine all the practical, ethical and safety issues that come with integrating emerging technology in classrooms.

The VR School Study is premised on the open sharing of research resources, infographics, guides and reports designed to facilitate the use of the technology in schools and build the evidence-base to enhance student engagement and learning outcomes. The research is conducted with real teachers and students in diverse primary (elementary) and secondary school communities. And we connect our findings with industry so that impact is assured.

As dreamers and researchers we seek to bring about critical conversations on the potential of iVR in education.

Infographic pic for SM
Above: A snapshot of part of a free classroom poster infographic available in the resources section of this web site.
Image on front page banner adapted from Tup Wanders ‘Punk!’ https://flic.kr/p/5V1Kxe


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