VR School is all about using immersive virtual reality in real classrooms. We explore how immersive VR can be used to enhance learning, its relationship to curriculum, and its implications for pedagogy. And, we examine all the practical, ethical and safety issues that come with integrating emerging technology in classrooms. VR school is premised on the open sharing of resources and evidence-based insights from our research with real teachers and students, especially those in low-income school communities. As dreamers and researchers we seek to bring about critical conversations on the potential of immersive VR in education.

VR School is a project of the Digital Identity, Curation and Education (DICE) research network and a collaboration between the University of Newcastle and Callaghan College, Newcastle, Australia.

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Image on the page create by Miriam Newman (aged 13 years)
Image on front page banner adapted from Tup Wanders ‘Punk!’ https://flic.kr/p/5V1Kxe


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