Practical resources

Top tips for teachers on the learning affordances of VR

A4 classroom poster infographic on learning affordances of VR

A3 classroom poster infographic on learning affordances of VR

VR School Teacher Safety Talk Script

VR School Project Health and Safety Screening Survey

VR School Project Classroom Safety Poster_Accessible

VR School Project Classroom Safety Poster

Information Statement for Parents, Carers and Students

Consent/Assent Form for Parents, Carers and Students

Teacher Poster: Using Serious Games in K-12 Classrooms

DATA A safe and respectful procedure for student interaction in VR poster


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Southgate, E., Smith, S., Cividono, C., Saxby, S., Kilham, J., Eather, G., Scevak, J., Summerville, D., & Bergin, C. (2019).  Embedding immersive virtual reality in classrooms: Ethical, organisational and educational lessons in bridging research and practice. International Journal of Child-Computer Interaction19, 19-29. Retrieved

Southgate, E. (2018). Immersive virtual reality, children and school education: A literature review for teachers

Southgate, E. (2018). Infographic – Immersive virtual reality: Findings and recommendations from a literature review to guide the implementation of immersive virtual reality in classrooms.

Southgate, E., Cividino, C., Saxby, S., Eather, G., Smith, S.P., Bergin, C., Kilham., Summerville, D. & Scevak, J. (2018). What teachers should know about highly immersive virtual reality: Insights from the VR School Study. Scan37(4). Retrieved

Southgate, E. et al. (2018). Ethical conduct and student safety in immersive virtual reality: Protocols and resources from the VR School Research Project. Presented at the 2018 IEEE VR Third Workshop on K-12+ Embodied Learning through Virtual & Augmented Reality (KELVAR), Reutlinger Germany, 18-22 March, 2018, (pre-publication version).

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