Practical resources

VR School Teacher Safety Talk Script

VR School Project Health and Safety Screening Survey

VR School Project Classroom Safety Poster_Accessible

VR School Project Classroom Safety Poster

Information Statement for Parents, Carers and Students

Consent/Assent Form for Parents, Carers and Students

Teacher Poster: Using Serious Games in K-12 Classrooms

DATA A safe and respectful procedure for student interaction in VR poster


Southgate, E. (2018). Immersive virtual reality, children and school education: A literature review for teachers

Southgate, E. (2018). Infographic – Immersive virtual reality: Findings and recommendations from a literature review to guide the implementation of immersive virtual reality in classrooms.

Southgate, E., Buchanan, R., Cividino, C., Saxby, S., Eather, G., Smith, S.P., Bergin, C., Kilham., Summerville, D. & Scevak, J. (2018). What teachers should know about highly immersive virtual reality: Insights from the VR School Study. Scan37(4). Retrieved

Southgate, E. et al. (2018). Ethical conduct and student safety in immersive virtual reality: Protocols and resources from the VR School Research Project. Presented at the 2018 IEEE VR Third Workshop on K-12+ Embodied Learning through Virtual & Augmented Reality (KELVAR), Reutlinger Germany, 18-22 March, 2018, (pre-publication version).

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